About yours truly.

Throughout my life I’ve always been asked questions such as “How do you see yourself” or “Where do you see yourself in X years from now?”. At best, all I could ever do in reply is shrug my shoulders, or simply reply “don’t really know”. Being honest yet unsure with one’s self, it’s a tougher question that I’ve been led to believe.

I suppose that the sake of our tendency to classify and live vicariously through the lives of others I’ll bite.

I’m what you would call a middle-aged, out of shape, male working in the field of technology. Still chasing the almighty dollar, and still chasing after what is left of my dignity and sanity. Beyond that, it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) matter to you who I am or what I am. Though I’ve been through a lot in my life, I’m sure that someone has had it better and had it worse than yours truly. I try, with varying degrees of success, to be mindful of this.


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